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ZooLac Propaste15ml is administered when:

  • An improved digestion or a more stable intestinal flora is required.
  • In new situations such as stress, during transport, changes to feed, as a supplement for uncomplicated diarrhoea, etc.
  • For restoring the intestinal health e.g after or together with antibiotic treatment.
  • Can also be used preventively. It is a natural product and cannot be overdosed.

Zoolac Propaste contains 4.2 billion bacteria per ml.

Product Information

  • The best probiotic on the market
  • 3 actions in one dose
  • Unique practical results for over 10 years
  • Safe and tested product – highly successful
  • Natural Instinct ZooLac Propaste stabilises the digestion and balances the bacterial flora in the intestinal tract by working with the good bacteria and the animal’s own immune system.

ZooLac Propaste contains several types of good and naturally-occurring bacteria with a well-defined effect. The overall effect is therefore very broad and ensures a unique result on the animal.
ZooLac Propaste’s unique composition works mainly by preventing harmful bacteria from attacking the intestinal wall, while the good bacteria attack the harmful ones. The attack is a naturally occurring action that limits the growth of harmful bacteria.
ZooLac Propaste’s unique action means harmful bacteria cannot develop any resistance, which is often the case with antibiotic treatments.

Dosage – 2x a Day

   0-10 kg
1 ml
 10-25 kg
2 ml
 25-50 kg
3 ml
   50+ kg
5 ml

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15ml, 32ml

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Health Consideration
  • Parvo virus