PEDIGREE®RODEO™ Duos Adult Dog Treat – Chicken & Bacon


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Give your dog a treat he really deserves. Pedigree Rodeo Duos in delicious chicken and bacon flavour is a special dog treat for your special furry friend that will bring a smile on his and your face. With a perfectly tasty twist, this treat for adult dogs has a deliciously chewy texture that is full of succulent flavour. It tastes fantastic too!

Pedigree Rodeo is complementary pet food for adult dogs with low fat and Omega 3 to help keep them fit for life. It also contains Vitamin E to help support natural defences and minerals including calcium to help keep your furry friend’s bones strong.

With no artificial colours or flavours, Pedigree recommends feeding 3 Rodeo Duos dog sticks per week to small dogs (5-9 kg), up to 6 sticks to medium dogs (10-24 kg) and up to 12 sticks per week to large dogs (25 kg+).

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.

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• PEDIGREE®RODEO™  DUOS: Complementary pet food for adult dogs
• TASTY, CHEWY TWISTS: Dog treats with a deliciously chewy texture that is full of succulent flavour
• LOW FAT CHEWS: Contains less than 5% fat/100g
• WITH VITAMINS & MINERALS: Comes with Vitamin E to help support natural defenses and minerals including calcium to help keep bones strong
• FIT FOR LIFE: Treat for adult dogs with Omega 3 to help keep them fit for life
• AMAZING FLAVOUR: Mouth-watering chicken & bacon flavour that you furry friend loves
• NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES: Contains no artificial colours or flavours
• SUITABLE FOR: Not suitable for dogs under 5 kg or puppies under 4 months
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nutritional info

PROTEIN- 22.3%
FAT- 3.1%
CALCIUM- 0.70%
OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS – 608 mg/kg
ENERGY- 306 kcal/100 g

Storage Tip: Store in a cool & dry place.


Derivatives of vegetable origin, Cereals, various sugars, Meat & Animal derivatives (including 2.4% dried poultry, liver powder equivalent to 4% chicken, Minerals, oils & fats, Seeds & herbs

feeding guides

Small dog (5-9kg) – 4 sticks
Medium dog (10-24kg) – 7 sticks
Large dog (25+kg) – 13 sticks


Country of Origin: Hungary

Importer & Distributor
MARS International India Pvt. Ltd., 4658-A, No. 21, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi – 110 002, Delhi, India

Address of Manufacturer
Mars Magyarorszag Kisallateledel Gyarto kft
I.kerulet, Hungary