Sheba Chicken With Tuna In Gravy Rich Premium Adult Fine Cat Wet Food



We know that cats are picky eaters and they eat only what they want, so pamper your cat with Sheba’s range of delicious premium fine cat food, containing the goodness of chicken with tuna in gravy that your cat will love.


  • Your adult pet cat adores the taste of real chicken with tuna and Sheba ensures your cat savors every bit of it through its wet format i.e. more palatable and helps add water for cats.
  • This wet cat food is designed as a complement food to your cat’s complete and balanced diet.
  • The Sheba easier to lick meal is high in protein and also contains essential vitamins and minerals, so this premium palate for your cat delivers a mouth-watering feast, without compromising on the goodness.
  • Give your furry friend the satisfying taste of premium cat food and watch them finish the whole meal!

Key Features:

  • Fine complementary cat food: Premium cat food for your special furry friend
  • Delicious flavor: Tender delicious chicken with tuna in gravy flavor i.e. high in protein
  • Complementary diet: Designed as a complement to your cat’s complete and balanced diet
  • Savor every bit: Quality meal that provides a tantalizing texture
  • Gravy format: More palatable and easier to lick gravy food for cats that helps add water in their body
  • Ideal for: Sheba cat food is mouth-watering and ideal for adult cats