Vetalexin Cephalexin 7 Tabs 600 mg


Type: Tablets

Suitable for both cats & dogs for treating the bacterial infections. Oral Administration only.

Tablets for both dogs & cats for the treatment of bacterial infections.

Compositions: Each uncoated tablet contains Cephalexin which is equivalent to anhydrous cephalexin 300mg


  • For the bacterial treatment infections in Doga & cats.
  • Treatment for superficial pyoderma caused by organism susceptible to cephalexin.
  • Treatment of urinary tract infections in dogs & cats including nephritis & cystitis caused by organism susceptible to cephalexin.

Dosage: 15mg of the tablet/kg body weight (which is equivalent to 30mg/kg body weight) or 30mg or cephalexin /kg body weight once daily for the duration of :

1) at least of 15 days for superficial infections dermatitis in dogs.
2) at least 28 days in case of deep infections dermatitis in dogs.
3) 5-days in case of deep infections dermatitis in dogs,
4) 14days in case of urinary tract infections in cats & dogs.
5) For severe or acute conditions, a dose may be safely doubled.

For Oral Administrations only.


1) Don’t use animals which are known to be hypersensitive to Pencilins & Cephatosporin’s.
2) Not suitable for use in rabbit’s, guinea pigs, hamsters & gerbils.


1) Transient episodes of soft feces & vomiting may be observed in cats during the treatment.

2) Antibiotic accumulations may occur in the body when renal function is impaired.

3) For the case of renal insufficiency, the dose should be reduced & antibiotics known to be like nephrotoxic should not be administered parallelly.

4) Medicine should not be used to treat puppies which are weighing less than 1kg of body weight or kittens under 9-weeks of age.

Storage: Protect from sunlight & moisture at a temperature not exceeding the 30C.

Product details

  • Tablets
Health Consideration
  • Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal
  • Skin, Coat and Anti Hair Fall