Virbac Canitone-LS(L) Liver Support, 30 tabs



This L tabs from virbac is recommended for improving liver condition. May also be recommended after antibiotic or drug therapy or to flush out toxins from liver.

Can help in cases of hepatitis, improving liver enzymes, growth and regeneration of liver tissue.

Canitone LS L(Large) contains 100mg Siliphos(33mg silybin), 3.3mg zinc and Vit E 150 IU.

Dosage: For pets 10-15 kg – ½ tab daily, 15-30 kg – 1 tab daily, 30-40 kg – 1 ½ tabs daily, >40kg – 2 tabs daily or as recommended by prescribing veterinarian. Tab ay be broken to multiple parts to achieve desired mg.

No. of tabs: 30.

Declarations under Legal Metrological rules Govt of India:-

MRP: Rs605(Inclusive of all taxes).

Country of origin: India.

Manufactured & marketed in India by: Virbac Animal Health Pvt Ltd.

604, 6th floor, Western Edge-I, Magathane, Western Express Highway,  Borivali East Mumbai 400066.