Virbac Effitix anti-flea tick Spot on for dogs, 2 pipettes


1.1ml for 4-10kg dogs
2.2ml for 10-20kg dogs
4.4ml for 20-40kg dogs
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Virbac effitix anti-flea tick spot on for dogs & puppies comes in 3 variants based on body weight:-

1)Effitix spot on Small – 1.1ml for 4-10kg dogs & puppies.

2)Effitix spot on Medium – 2.2ml for 10-20kg dogs.

3)Effitix spot on Large – 4.4ml for 20-40kg dogs.

It kills or clears infestation of fleas and ticks(Ixodes ricinus, Dermacentor reticulatus, and Rhipicephalus sanguineus) as well as repels(anti-feeding) sand flies(Phlebotomus perniciosus) and mosquitoes. Effect lasts for up to 4 weeks per pipette. Easy single dose application like all spot ons over neck area along the spine.

Ingredients: Fipronil 6.1% m/V & Permethrin 54.5% m/V.

Quantity: 2 pipettes of variant selected in 1 pack.

Declarations under Legal Metrological rules Govt of India:-

Country of origin: India.

Manufactured & marketed in India by: Virbac Animal Health Pvt Ltd.

604, 6th floor, Western Edge-I, Magathane, Western Express Highway,  Borivali East Mumbai 400066.

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