Zoetis Simparica Trio Chewable tablet for dogs, 3 tabs


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For dogs of weight 2.5-5kg
For dogs of weight 5-10kg
For dogs of weight 10-20kg
For dogs of weight 20-40kg
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Zoetis Simparica Trio tablet for dogs has been recently launched in India by Zoetis. Unlike regular sarolaner simparica flea tick chewable tabs which work on external fleas and ticks only, this trio variant is effective on both internal as well as external parasites.

This tablet contains the tri action of sarolaner, moxidectin and pyrantel(as embonate) and works on both external fleas, ticks, lice, mites as well as internal parasites. Simparica trio remains effective for 1 month and kills/expels fleas, ticks, lice, roundworms, hookworms, heartworms of all life stages as well as deer ticks causing lyme disease.

Comes in form of highly palatable chewable liver flavored tablets. Suitable for puppies and dogs of age 8 weeks and above.  Not suitable for cats.



Available in 4 variants for dogs & puppies based on body weight as of now.

1)Simpraica trio for dogs & puppies of weight 2.5-5kg – Contains Sarolaner 6mg, 0.12mg moxidectin, 25mg pyrantel.

2)Simparica trio for dogs & pups of weight 5-10kg – Contains 12mg sarolaner, 0.24mg moxidectin, 50mg pyrantel.

3)Simparica Trio for dogs of weight 10-20kg – Contains 24mg sarolaner, 0.48mg moxidectin, 100mg pyrantel.

3)Simparica Trio for dogs of weight 20-40kg – Contains 48mg sarolaner, 0.96mg moxidectin, 200mg pyrantel.

2 other globally available variants 1.25-2.5kg and 40-60kg have not yet to come in India.

No. of tabs: 3. 3 tabs in 1 box – Total 3 month therapy..

Note: It may cause side effects in some dogs, so use it only under the guidance of a veterinarian as it is seen to cause problems albeit rarely & only in pets with chronic illness, liver/kidney disorders, dogs with tendency of seizures, sick or aged dogs.

Declarations under Legal Metrological rules Govt of India:-

Country of Origin: USA.

Manufactured by: Zoetis Inc, 2605 East Kilgore Road, Kalamazoo, Michigan – 49001, USA

Imported & Marketed in India by: Zoetis India Limited Godown no 1 & 2, bldg no. 12B, Prithvi complex, Reti Bunder road,kalher, tah, bhiwandi, thane 421302.

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For dogs of weight 2.5-5kg, For dogs of weight 5-10kg, For dogs of weight 10-20kg, For dogs of weight 20-40kg